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Estate Planning


We believe that estate planning is more than reducing taxes. Proper estate planning preserves and protects the assets you have worked hard to accumulate and enables your heirs to meet their financial obligations with no detriment to their quality of life.

Our comprehensive estate plans directly address the federal transfer tax system of gift, estate, generation skipping, excise and income taxes. Depending upon your specific needs, our plans include:

Charitable giving techniques with income tax savings

Strategies to reduce estate taxes.

Continuation plans for family-owned businesses

In the process of developing your plan, we work closely with your estate planning attorney and may employ sophisticated tools and techniques such as family limited partnerships, living and generation skipping trusts, and many other vehicles of testamentary planning. The result is a plan that preserves your assets after death and increases your family’s protected assets.


Good financial management is a lot of work—work that sets a good example. For children and grandchildren, there’s no substitute for having witnessed the care, thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and discipline that good planning demands.

Too often, families have witnessed the final breath of a loved one setting into motion costly, avoidable financial consequences. The tragic result is a message that represents a contradiction to a responsible life of hard work.

Business & Estate Advisers of WI, Inc. helps clients transform their life’s work from success to true significance…passing value, responsibility, and work stewardship ethics to those they care about. The result? A meaningful legacy that completes the circle…the purpose for which we were put on this earth.

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